Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Finals Week

Yes, it's that time of year again!  Cramming a semester's worth of knowledge into one week of tests could be fun, but I find it really hard to study when all I want to do is this...

Shopping.  In France.  For Christmas.  Well...more like online shopping and wishing I was in Paris.  I guess studying would be a little more inticing if I could do it here...

of here...

or even here...

Maybe I should take a break from my computer, and go on a nice little stroll to the library with just my books so I can't be distracted...

and if I do get distracted along the way, I hope it's somewhere pretty where I can at least daydream and pretend to study. 

PS - Favorite Quotes I found doing this post..."I like big books and I cannot lie."  "Nothing is hard when you have a library card!"


  1. Good luck with finals, pretty girl!! You're almost finished with another semester!!

  2. I have never seen books and reading look more beautiful. Loving this post.

  3. i'm with you...france, a reno'd vw bus on the open road, a resort in somewhere warm - i need an escape!