Friday, July 9, 2010

1st Blog Awards

This picture pretty much sums up how I feel today!
Yay, I'm so excited to receive my first ever blog awards! Thank you to the fabulous Cafe Bellini for the Sunshine Award! It totally made my day! Everyone should really check out her blog if you haven't already - it's precious!
And of course I will be passing it along to some of the other blogs that bring me sunshine!! I apologize for listing so many (go big or go home right?)- there are just simply too many beautiful blogs! Go visit each of these lovely ladies and tell them I sent you! You're really missing it out if you're not following them!

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Gigi at Going Glam with GiGi

Bumpkin on a Swing

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The Simply Luxurious Life


Also, a big thank you to Erika at ~Tiptoe Butterfly~ for telling me to grab her blog award last week! So, so exciting! She asked to hear about weekend plans, and although mine are a little late, I will share what I did last weekend!
Last Saturday was my beautiful mother's birthday! Here is a picture of us at dinner! Isn't she just the cutest? We went to see a family movie afterwards!

I threw in a pic of me and my brother as well! I look short next to him, but he's just really tall. It was also my friend from Argentina's 24th birthday, so I hung out with friends later that night.
On Sunday, I celebrated the 4th of July with family! Here is a picture of me and my cousin! I'm totally rockin'' my American pride with the red, white, and blue. (Ignore the swimsuit line - eek!)

Oh and don't ask why I wore one-sleeve outfits back to back. I guess I was just suddenly really into them. They're totally my favorite at the moment! :)



  1. congratulations on the blog award! i'm a new follower and am loving your blog!!

  2. Thank you so much, my dear!! I love it! You're a sweetie pie :)


  3. Congratulations on your awards! And LOVING your one-shoulder looks!

  4. Congrats! You look just like your mum - like sisters :-D

  5. Yay Allison :) So happy for you, and your lovely blog deserves it! You look gorgeous in all your pictures!
    Thank you so much for passing the love onto me! You are so sweet!
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. first of all, congrats on the award and secondly, i think you look great!! you totally deserve the award! :D

  7. Congrats on these awards. You deserve them! And thank you so much for passing the Sunshine award on to me :) That is so so kind of you! I am honored.
    You and your family are beautiful people btw!

  8. Congrats!

    beautiful photos!


  9. awe thanjs love bug! - i have been SOOOO busy @ work that i've been MIA with my blog world ... THANKS tons for the award! - gonna post now lovey!!!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  10. Congrats on your award lovely!

    Hope you have a rocking week!

    Ciao Bella,

  11. Thank you so much for the award - I am thrilled. A wonderful way to end the day.

    The first image is gorgeous - a perfect choice.

    By the way, would you like to swap buttons? Let me know. I would love to have another "simply" girl on my site. =)

  12. Thank you for the award! I love one shoulder tops and the two that you are wearing are super cute!

  13. You are so cute, thank you so lovely!!!!!

    Have a wonderful day :)


    :) and you are such a cutie! thanks for the award, i'll be passing it along right away :)

  15. Wow, thank you! I enjoy your blog as well and you honored me with such great company! Gracias.

  16. Hi - ahh thanks very much for the mention! Very sweet of you. Lou x

  17. I squealed over the first and second photos....
    The red ballerina jumping for joy......lurvvvvveeeeeddddd it!
    Congratulation on these awards, and thank you for thinking of me and my sunshine!
    So sweet!
    Mwah, and another on the other!