Friday, June 4, 2010


We played soccer (futbol) with kids from the community in Kigali and at Sonrise School in Musanze. The field in Kigali was about a mile from our hotel and one of the days we were in the middle of playing a game, and it started pouring rain. It was such a blast to slip around while we played with the kids and got soaked and muddy. I ruined my shoes (4 pairs of shoes to be exact), but when you see kids playing without any shoes on their feet to begin with, yours don't really seem to matter.

Coolest moment playing: All the kids in Africa called our group "Muzungus." It means white person or Westerner. We all kind of liked it and found it endearing. It was especially precious when toddlers would start jumping up and down screaming "Muzungu" and waving whenever our van would drive by on the streets. Anyways, after we had been playing soccer for several days, we were on the field and a Baylor student yelled out "Muzungu" to be silly and one of the locals smiled and said, "There are no Muzungus here, we are all one people now." So cute!

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  1. that is such a cool story about playing soccer with the kids in africa! that must have been an amazing experience!