Monday, June 21, 2010

Lovely Miranda

I love the classy outfits Miranda Kerr wears to sit out be the pool in this tasteful photo shoot. Find some time this week to go swimming and enjoy the summer sun! Don't forget a cute swimsuit, SPF, and a book from your Summer Reading List!

(Miranda Kerr from Australia Grazia Magazine - 09, Stylist Emily McGregor)


  1. Beautiful shoot! Miranda is gorgeous! I need to have the dresses on the first and second picture :) simply amazing!

    love you blog! Thanks for following me :) I'm soooo following you back :)


  2. The latter two are gorgeous! I would have to change the hat but otherwise, quite lovely. Definitely old Hollywood and calling my name.

  3. I really like her, too. Apparently she's now engaged to Orlando Bloom, did you read about that?

  4. Fiamma - Thanks so much, you are so sweet!

    And wow, if Orlando and Miranda are engaged, then that is one hot couple!